Friday, 3 February 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Manucure Couture Duo - No 5

I have always wanted to be able to paint my own nail tips and have tried so many different DIY manicure sets which all claim to make what can only be described as a fiddly activity easy. Well, I've never found it easy. 

When Yves Saint Laurent came to beauty HQ I was delighted to get my hands on this set of Yves Saint Laurent Manucure Couture Duo in No 5 as not only are the colours very chic (especially love the blue) but the little pictures on the back of the box showing an angled brush makes this little duo seem promising in terms of ease of use. 

Back of Manucure Couture Duo box
Angled brush for easy tip application
I was not disappointed. I did find it slightly tricky to paint the base of my nails (next to cuticles) but got the hang of it pretty quickly. Application was smooth and one coat was enough for both colours to offer full coverage. Painting the tips was much much easier than other brands I have tried - the intensity of the blue looked striking on a caramel base, but surprising the caramel had no problem showing up on a blue base and actually works vey well if you only want subtle tips. 

Blue on caramel

Caramel on blue

The varnish did start to chip slightly by the end of the day but it was easy to touch up. The manicure lasted 5 days with touch ups everyday or 2. Overall I am delighted with this little duo and the bottles look great on any dressing table. 

The Yves Saint Laurent Manucure Couture Duo in No 5 is available on for £24. 

Until next time,

Lipstick Mama xoxo